Ancient Tiryns - Ancient Tiryntha - Nea Tiryntha

The area where Agroktima Elia is situated is called Nea Tiryntha, it is adjacent to the archaeological area of Ancient Tiryns, famous worldwide for its Cyclopean walls and palatial ruins.

In ancient times the sea level was higher and therefore closer to the raised hillock on which the citadel was built making it almost impregnable although it is only 26m above sea level.

Excavation started in 1884 and has sporadically continued throughout the years. Recently there is another team of archeologist working on the outlying areas. The citadel, palace, tunnels and drainage are well pReserved | EOT License No. 1245K123K0318701 and well worth a visit. The Cyclopean walls have mystified many eras as to how the stones of mammoth proportions were placed there to make up the walls and the opinion in ancient times was that only the Cyclops could have put them there, hence the name. Immovable and massive the stones still stand in exactly the same place today.

Homer reminds us in his books The Iliad and The Odyssey that Ancient Tiryns was inhabited during the Trojan war and the Mycenaean Era.

A few kilometers from the citadel the Mycenaean Dam is evident and also the Tholos Tomb of Tiryns which is also in excellent repair.

Nea Tiryntha (or New Tiryntha) is where Agroktima Elia is located and the village centre which is situated just one kilometre away and has everything that visitors would require for everyday needs including supermarket, bakers, buchers, taverna, cafeteria etc..

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